The difference between bisexuality and pansexuality: a powerpoint guide. 


… but….why put the my little ponies in there…….

1. Because they match the color scheme of the pride flags 

2. I like ponies. 

3. It reenforces the light and cheerful tone of the overall powerpoint. 

This is probably one of the best and least offensive/erasing guides out there and people are complaining about the ponies.


This is important

I found my soulmate. He’s everything I could ever ask for. He treats me so well and our love is the deepest connection I’ve ever felt. But why the fuck do I miss the blonde haired boy who treated me like some kind of trophy and a dumb one at that. Why do I miss him so badly? I look for him hoping he’ll appear and maybe even talk to me despite the fact I have everything. Why does my mind what to ruin everything amazing in my life

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